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nice that you are here.

I am pleased that you considered my consultation – because I am sure that I can support you and your company on the way to the market entry of your innovative medical device.

The road to marketing in regulated international markets can be long and stony. As with any hike on an unknown terrain, using the diverse experience of an experienced guide to get to your destination quickly, effectively, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely is crucial.

Together, we can overcome these diverse challenges and successfully position your medical device in the target markets.

consulting services

As a freelance consultant

You can book me for the below services via medlaQ. The administrative processing is also done via medlaQ, Radolfzell, Lake constance.

Quality Management

Are your business processes inefficient and susceptible to failure?

Risk Management & Market Entry

Do you search the right concept to bring your innovative medical device to market?

Technical Documentation

To register or receive approval for your medical device in the various target markets...

Representative Functions

The Medical Device Law mandates the designation of a Safety Officer and a Deputy Safety Officer for Medical Devices.

Consulting Medical Products

Is your start-up company about to enter the new world of "medical devices" and could use some advice?

Launching Products

Do you need the right concept to bring your innovative medical device to market?

Training & Lectures

If your employees train your customers in the handling of your medical devices...

Technology Consulting

Are you a bit unsure of the technology you chose for your product and would like to get a second opinion?


medlaq Dr. Bernhard Gerstenecker

Dr. Bernhard Gerstenecker

Since 1985 - my entire professional life - I have been dealing with all aspects of medical products: idea generation, technology selection, product development, process design in development, production and quality control, documentation, product approval and post-market surveillance. I am by nature an inquisitive person - and this is exactly the reason why I have learned and gained experience in almost all branches of the medical device industry. In my career I have regularly taken on a different perspective towards medical devices, always with the intention of broadening my knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Because it takes more than one product for a company - Your Company! - and its products - Your Products! - to be competitive in the market.

It is like a sophisticated mosaic or an improvised piece of music: only if all participants harmonize together and give their best, will the masterpiece succeed and a win-win situation arise.

Because this is our common goal: a successful competitive product with a solid position in the market.

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Dr. Bernhard Gerstenecker

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